The first and not-so-first

Let’s talk about the not-so-first first.

This is not the first time we drop O off at the airport for his business trips. But one thing that is different from last year that he is scheduled to come back just in time to bring the trash bin out for next week trash collection. Gone were the days I carried the emptiness at the time of farewell, not knowing the exact day of his return once we said good bye.

Business casual airport fashion.

Farewell exchanges between the two of them. PP said that once he goes home he will invent a robot who can transport itself via Facetime and transform into his own self to be by O’s side so that O is not lonely or missing him too much. I like that idea very much!

O is still probably en route and will be landing in about half an hour.

And here is the “first” — the boys and I made gourmet pizzas for dinner. I adapted the dough recipe from The Kitchn Homemade thin crust pizza.

I made the dough from scratch, with half whole wheat and half bread flour. For toppings, I made caramelized onion, green pepper, and peppery turkey bacon and a mix of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses.

IMG_5665.JPGThin crust pizza, before going into the oven.

IMG_5652.JPGAfter 15 minutes of baking at 400F.

IMG_5663.JPGThey were not sharing.

IMG_5659.JPGLoving the pizza with glee.

It was quite good for the first time trying. O will be impressed when I serve him these savory pizzas next week.


5 thoughts on “The first and not-so-first

  1. Mẹ đẹp dạo này giỏi quá. Món gì cũng có từ ta đến tây luôn heng. Great job, mẹ đẹp ❤

    PP ui, dì Quỳ cũng thích cái idea của con quá nha. ❤

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