battery recharged

Finally, I took out the charger and plugged that battery in. The camera was happy to be taken out of the bag and be used.

Isn’t it funny, today the temperature was in the high 30s, and we considered it “warm”, relatively warm. It was just a few degrees above freezing, but hey, I take this over the sub-zero weather during this time of the year.

The boys were released from the chicken coop, and they ran wild playing with the snow.

PP said, I miss our backyard, and Peanut kept running to the swing. They do miss their swing set. PP was being a bit forlorn about not having enough outdoor times. He can’t wait until summer comes.

O is enjoying the 50F degree weather in D.C. Lucky for him!

PP was trying to build the snow castle but every time he succeeded, Peanut would run over and stomp it down with his foot. PP was upset, and this is what he said, I have no patience for this little guy!

Some mandatory selfies for me and the boys!


5 thoughts on “battery recharged

  1. Tui dạo này cũng toan` chụp hình bằng phone riết rồi làm biếng cầm máy luôn nàng ui. Mai mốt, cầm máy lại, hổng biết còn nhớ cách chụp hông nữa á ….he he he

    Hình mấy mẹ con đẹp nà. Bữa nay trên đó bớt tuyết rồi ha.

    Nựng 2 anh em thằng đậu giùm cái coi ❤ ❤

    1. tui cũng vậy, cả mấy tháng toàn dùng cái phone xong cầm máy lớn hơi bị rung tay.

      Trên đây ấm chỉ được mấy bữa hà. Mai trời lạnh lại rồi. Rầu thúi ruột.

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