the mundane tasks

Here is my another installment of “Life with two boys.”

With O being gone for a few days, I take over all the care-taking tasks. Usually it is O’s job to bath the kids, and read books at bedtime while I busied myself cleaning the kitchen and organizing the play area.

Tonight we had a lot of fun going through the routine. Peanut enjoyed the warm shower and would not want to get out. He kept insisting, more water, Mama! I had to bribe him with the gummy bear vitamin for him to finally agree that a 10-minute shower was a bit too long. Well, I don’t think he agreed, or knew the volume of water he had wasted, but he agreed to come out at the prospect of the yummy vitamin. Yay, bribery works!

And PP dragged this heavy book of assorted Disney stories into the bathroom while enjoying his number 2. Yesterday he asked for my approval and I said no, but today he gave me a good reason, that there were many words in that book he could read. I could not deny him a second time. Enjoy your reading time, buddy!

Lately Peanut has this funny way of entertaining himself, he would laugh out loud and say, funny, Mama, funny. Then I followed up with, who is funny? He pointed at himself and said, me, funny, Ma! And that was exactly what he did in this photo.

I don’t take as many photos of Peanut as I did for PP when PP was at that age. Nowadays with easy access to the iPhone, I usually resorted to this device for quick photos.

But the big camera does bring out different dimensions to the images, and bring out the liveliness of our lives.

I call Peanut “fat-face” once in a while. It’s an endearing term and of equivalence of “chubby-face.” But tonight PP told me, Mama you hurt his feeling, he is not fat!

He has been learning about using nice words and about bullying at school. I think I should be more careful with my choices of words, too, or else my little five-year-old police will give me hard times.

Today I was so exhausted and thinking to skip reading time, but Peanut reminded me. When it was closer to bedtime, I told them to clean up the toys and put things away, then Peanut came over looking directly at my face, reading book, Mama?

I cannot cheat my way out of bedtime reading with these boys.

PP is always doing weird things. I guess it comes with the age!

At bedtime, PP wanted me to sing “Twinkle little star” and Peanut asked for “Bà ơi Bà!” (Oh my dear Grandma!)

This is also a funny moment.

I wrapped a little towel around Peanut’s waist because he was completely naked after the shower, and I wanted to brush his teeth before putting on his PJ. While he was trying to brush, the towel got loosen and started to drop. He said, Mama, help, help! while trying to keep the towel in check.

It was just too funny witnessing how he reacted to the situation.


7 thoughts on “the mundane tasks

    1. Every stage of their development is enjoyable, though sure come with challenges. But that’s the best thing about being a parent, you have free entertainment almost every day, minus the dramas and tantrums, of course!

    1. thank you chị. Once in a while I do the crazy 30-day series just to document the daily stuff of our lives.

      I think I have more than 10K of photos between the two boys. It would take a whole day to view them all.

  1. You do share gorgeous photos. I love to find other moms in the world who are being honest about the ups and downs – the moments we try to get out of things, and then realize that these moments are the crucial, beautiful times we cannot skip.

    1. thank you for stopping by. 😀 I enjoy taking photos of my kids.

      I am pretty honest about the difficulties of being a parent. It is these challenges that make me a better parents through making mistakes and accepting my own drawbacks.

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