my 16-hour shift

I should fold four big baskets full of laundry tonight, but no, I am sitting here marathoning “Chopped” on Netflix. Thank you very much, that’s my indulgence at the end of the day. I can always fold the laundry tomorrow night, or perhaps the night after, as long as they are done before O gets home on Wednesday.

We started our day at 7 a.m. this morning; it’s been heck of a long day for me. My morning alarm clock is PP, who always comes into my room asking for random thing, and thus wakes me up from my short sleep (I have insomnia!)

It’s the first weekend without O for a while, since he came home from Africa in late May. I tried to carry out the day as normal as it has always been so they don’t feel out of place.

Although, I must note, that at dinner, when I offered PP his bowl of chicken noodle soup, he did not touch it right away. He held down his head and I thought he was praying, so when asked, he said, I am thinking of aabo because it would be perfect to have him eating with us. Then in the middle of the night last night, Peanut woke up and started crying. He called out, Mẹ ơi Mẹ! (called me Mommy in Vietnamese) and I jumped out of my bed upon hearing his first call. He also missed O because when I held him in my arms and eased him back to sleep, he kept whispering aabo, aabo.

How did we survive without O around for almost a year last year? I cannot imagine going through such physical separation again. The boys are too attached to him to be separated like that.

Anyway, we had a great time today — French toast for breakfast, cheese pizza for lunch, and chicken noodle soup for dinner. In between meals we had fruit and yogurt for snacks. We went outside for a bit because it felt like spring today (temperature in the near 50s, wow, can we have this weather for the rest of the winter, weather god?), and four-hour playtime at the library.

Snapshots of the day!

It looked bias that I only took photos of Peanut, but truth to be told, PP is no longer comfortable with the camera pointing at him anymore, particularly when he tried to focus on doing things that he likes.

PP was teaching his brother how to mix colors, and then the young one just kept poking his brother with a bunch of color pencils.


7 thoughts on “my 16-hour shift

    1. oh em cũng có xếp vài cái quần vài cái áo xong em mệt quá nằm phì ra nói là nằm chỉ 10 phút thôi xong em chán em mở máy ra chỉnh hình. Teo luôn cái vụ xếp quần áo.

  1. Anh chàng PP càng lớn càng ra vẻ chững chạc hẳn ra đó nhen em yêu. Còn chàng Peanut thì ái chà, biết anh thương nên ghẹo anh hoài héng 🙂 🙂

    Love you all ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. thằng đậu em thì là dân ăn hiếp người lớn. Cái gì cũng phải là của nó, đang dạy cho nó biết chia sẽ và đợi đến phiên mình. Ông này sanh năm con rồng mà tánh ổng dữ gì đâu luôn.

      1. Hình như đứa nào nhỏ nhất trong nhà cũng hay ăn hiếp đứa lớn vậy há. Mèo Nhí nhà này cũng chuyên viên ăn hiếp 2 anh chị kìa.

        Ủa, bộ ai sanh năm rồng là hổng được dữ hả? Sao tui thấy tui dữ dằn lắm mờ …hí hí hí :p :p 😉 😉

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