two baskets of laundry — FOLD!

By the end of my 4th episode of Chopped last night, I made my way to bed at around 2 a.m. Before crashing for the night, I checked on the boys. PP was sleeping fine, snoring in the slumber of his dream.

Then onto Peanut’s room, I heard him whimpering. It turned out he peed in his bed. I took him out and stripped him naked and when I was about to take him to the bathroom, he started shooting more pee all over the floor. So that episode alone took away another half an hour or so of my sleep time just to clean up, make his bed again with new beddings, and give him a quick wash. When I put him back to bed, he pointed to the rocking chair and said, “there, Mẹ, there!” meaning he wanted me to sit and sing for him. I was too tired then, so I brought him to the couch, laid down with him and continued watching another episode of Chopped until he snored away.

They let me sleep until around 7:30 a.m. this morning before stirring up a storm around the house with noises.

Snapshots of the day.

Craft/Arts time:

I asked PP to tell me what he drew, he said it was a city with yellow sun, blue houses, and blue trees.

He seemed very happy with his final product.

Baking time:

Sweet potatoes quick bread

PP said he invented the “Smell-O-Nator” to detect the sweet smell of the bread wafting in the air.

Waiting was just too hard!

Long-distance relationship management time:

Virtual hug only because he did not have time to invent the robot that tele-transport itself via FaceTime to be with O.

Reading time:

We started with Three Little Pigs, and then Hands Are Not For Hitting, and then PP read the Teeth Are Not For Biting all by himself.

At bedtime Peanut gave me the whole nine yard of tantrums — screaming, crying, begging, wailing. What he wanted was for me to rock and sing for him before bed but I wanted him to sleep on his own. Hence, tantrums ensued. O had to call on FaceTime to cool him down and eventually he get into his blanket for the night, hugging his Ellie the Elephant.

And now, at this time, I am going through folding two baskets of clothes. I consider it as a success!


One thought on “two baskets of laundry — FOLD!

  1. Mới coi mấy video clip trong youtube của mấy mẹ con nè. Cưng thì thôi luôn! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Nhìn cảnh O facetime với tụi nhỏ, lại nhớ mấy lần tui đi công tác xa, cũng facetime về nhà dzậy á. Bây giờ thì không, hông dùng facetime nữa mà toàn ….hangout (trong samsung phone có, giống kiểu facetime). 🙂 🙂

    Nựng 2 chàng giùm dì Quỳ nhen mẹ đẹp ui ❤ ❤

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