Banana bread and lasagna

O likes lasagna, and the boys like banana bread. I made brown rice with stir fried mustard green and tofu for myself.

Sometimes I truly dread the thought of making two or three different dishes to please everyone, but that’s the struggles I have in meal planning. More often than not, I go with the food they like to eat or cook the food that I like separately and eat that for a couple of days. I like simple Vietnamese family meals — thịt kho, canh cải, rau xào — but O cannot eat that. It’s been more than 12 years that I am trying to swing him that way of simple eating but he just can’t adopt to it. And being a Muslim, he cannot eat pork at all. So there goes 90% of what I like to eat off the list.

Anyway, today I made grass-fed beef lasagna. O did not like the gamy smell of grass-fed beef. But heck, he still has to eat all of it because it was made in a big square Pyrex pan that he and the kids will probably take two days to finish. Then I baked two small loaves of banana bread as snacks for the boys tomorrow.

Snapshots, yesterday and today.

Sunday, 12/21/14 — First day of winter

A hearty cheer at Sunday breakfast. I made French toast from Challah bread.

While O and I were cleaning the house and doing laundry, the boys played by themselves in the living room.

PP called me to come and see this scene, when Peanut was being so playful and laying on top of PP.

Bad focus for this one, but Peanut dragged the quilt off from the sofa and covered his brother. He said, you cold Noah?

Monday, 12/22/14 — being cooped up in the house because O took the car to work.

Reading after dinner. Now that O is home, I leave the reading session to him so I can do other things around the house.

Reading The Lion King. PP picked this copy up from Goodwill the other day. He is starting to read, but not entirely enjoying it yet. We keep on encouraging him.

Banana bread, made with whole wheat flour and coconut cream, I also sprinkled some shredded coconut on top. They were toasted by the time the bread was baked.

Badly photographed and lighted, I know, but it tasted so good.


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