housewife had a day off

Also known as — the day after Christmas!

Yay, I finally had a day off and away from the kitchen. O said that we should take the kids out and have a fun family day, and we sure did.

Where are we going?

At first we wanted to take them to a nearby indoor park, but when we arrived, it was like a zoo, and big kids trampled on little kids with little staff supervision. Winter in Minnesota reduced the square footage of playgrounds for kids, so all the parents around town have only one place to send kids for physical activities.

But we had a back-up plan — the mall’s playground. Fortunately, we came at the time when it was not too crowded, and the boys had to share their space with about three other kids.

I left the boys with O and roamed around to snap some photos, capturing the lingering spirit of Christmas on the day after.

Every store offered discounts and sales, although I am not much of a shopper, the temptation was too great to ignore. However, we did not buy anything.
Self portrait.

While there, we checked for a matinee showtime of The Night At the Museum, sort of a tribute to our favorite actor, Robin Williams. I almost cried the first time he appeared on the screen. A talent gone too soon!

We let the boys indulged on a large order of popcorn and a large cup of Coke. Usually they don’t get to drink carbonated soda, and it was nice to treat them once in a while.

The movie ended around 4 p.m., and O wanted to eat Thai Food, which meant we had to take a drive crossing the Mississippi River to Saint Paul.

Minneapolis skyline on a foggy afternoon, and then it started to snow, very lightly, on our way home.

Thai food, very mediocre quality. That’s one thing I don’t like about living in Minnesota, most ethnic Asian food are just mediocre, there was just no heart and soul in the food, and I regret every time I paid the bill.

O and the boys have sweet teeth. They love anything sweet. If I were not there to be the frucose-glucose-maltose police, O would have bought a whole cake and let the boys go wild indulging in the sugar-packed killers.

This eating establishment has the best Tres Leches gateau, three-milk cake. My sister-in-law ordered these cakes for her wedding reception in 2012, and we were addicted to them since then. But today was the first time that we actually came inside and had a sit-down session. Other times we just ordered the cakes for family events.

Cafe Latte is right at the corner of Victoria and Grand in Saint Paul. I love the ambiance.

And we drove home on a snowy highway. Actually it was just a light snow, enough to give some slippery warnings of caution. Nevertheless, it was beautiful!

We wrapped up the night with hugs and kisses when sending the boys to bed. I sang four songs upon request — three Vietnamese with some English lyrics and Twinkle Little Star.

A great day, indeed!


5 thoughts on “housewife had a day off

  1. Happy happy days ahead to you and your family, especially the two cute boys. Thanks for sharing all the posts and photos, they make me feel warm and it’s really interesting to see people in the other parts of the world live and love 🙂

    1. Thank you chị. 😀 I aim to keep as many of memories as possible for the boys so that when they grow up they have a lot of images of their childhood. 😀 Hopefully they will appreciate the effort I put in now. “D

  2. trời, giống nhà này y chang. Gần nhà cũng có cái indoor playground mà dzô tới thì hỡi ôi, nó đông kinh khủng nên thế là cũng y chang lôi con vô indoor mall có chổ chơi mà đậu xe lại miễn phí. Mình cũng đúng ko phải là shopper mà nhìn thấy cảnh tiệm nào nó cũng sale lên sale xuống khiến mình ái ngại luôn hahahhaha

    1. Bên đó mấy hôm nay có lạnh bằng bên đây không? Chứ ở đây lạnh thấu xương chán quá. Tụi nhỏ chả có chổ nào để đi chơi hết.

      Ở nhà úm úm vậy vụ mẹ ba con tới đâu rồi?

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