my kids made me do it

I am a minion!

This hat belongs to Mr. Chubby-Face; it’s one of the holiday presents he received the other day. Today we had a fun session out of it because well, why wouldn’t you, right? So they made me put this on and acted out the minion scene with the whole sha-bang of the “Banana” song. We had so much fun laughing and singing out loud, and of course, off tunes.

They love theatrical plays, and I am usually the “bad guy.” Currently the most frequently requested character they want me to portray is “Mama, you are the big bad wolf!”

The photos are just from my late-night reenactment, since I could not do it earlier while doing role playing with the boys.

— / — / —
Sweet moments

I was cleaning the kitchen after dinner and O taking PP for a shower. We left Peanut in the living room, turning on a short episode of Curious George for him. When I took a peek to check on him, he was laying on the couch like this, with his cheek popping up and lips puckered. I just had to sneak in a photo to capture a keepsake.

He also loves snuggling with my 25-year-old hand-stitched quilt made by my grandmother, who passed away 20 years ago. The boys both know that is my only precious treasure from childhood so they take good care of it.

This is the I-don’t-care face that he shows when he is a bit upset. We were on our way to see my family this afternoon and on the way there, he dropped one of his gloves on the car’s floor, which I could not retrieve because it was in a far corner.

I hope he does not lose this toddler cuteness and charms. 😀

P.S. Mr. PP had some attitude today about having his photo taken. I had to pick my battle!


One thought on “my kids made me do it

  1. Mẹ đẹp xinh quá đi ❤

    Ừa, tụi nhỏ ở nhà cũng hay bắt mẹ mìn tui làm "bad guy" hoài nè. Mà đúng thiệt, mẹ mìn lúc nào cũng là "bad guy" hết ờ …hí hí hí

    Nựng 2 chàng đẹp giai giùm tui cái nha em iu ❤ ❤

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