Second day of the year, 2015

Our family of four ended up waiting for more than two hours at the ER for little Peanut to be seen by the doctor. He has a severe case of conjunctivitis and red burning rashes all over his abdomen, back, and the groin area. His fever last up until today (103.1F) and he showed other symptoms for Kawasaki disease so the pediatrician sent us to the children’s hospital for more tests and treatment if Kawasaki is confirmed.

He might need to stay for one night here and I guess it will be me to keep watch overnight.

How do you like this winter fashion?

He is so lethargic and has lost his appetite for the past five days. For a toddler who loves to eat, it’s been hard seeing him not being able to swallow anything except for milk and water.

Life keeps me busy that way!


2 thoughts on “Second day of the year, 2015

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