Home bound, safe and sound!

I am so tired but still up because earlier I forgot to make breakfast for Mr. O, so I am standing here doing double duty — making pancakes (and hoping they are not burned) and updating about Peanut’s situation.

Reflecting on his 3-night and 4-day hospital stay.

Just kidding. I made that up! It’s his last photo wearing the hospital gown/attire.

Peanut was finally discharged from the ICU to be home with us; and he was happy at the thought of going home. But the funny thing was, he had been laying down for so long during the hospital stay without much of physical mobility, by the time we put shoes on him, and let him down on the floor, he fumbled over. I know I should not be laughing about it, but seeing him being so confident about his walking ability then suddenly his knees gave out and he could not hold himself upright, I could not help it. Poor kid! It was my “bad-mom” moment for just laughing at the sight of him trying to get up, so don’t judge me because I already judged myself!

So happy to be going home.

For the next couple of weeks we have to keep Peanut away from germ-infested places, e.g. the mall, grocery stores, public play yards. As soon as he has a fever of 100.4 then we have to bring him to the emergency room. But knock on woods, I am praying that won’t happen. I have already scheduled for him to have a follow up with his primary care doctor, and Echocardiogram at the Children’s Hospital. The thing about Kawasaki Disease is that if the patient was not diagnosed and treated timely within 10 days of the first fever then it could be fatal with long term effect of heart damages. Therefore, Peanut’s heart has to be checked every once in awhile.

The skyway at the Children’s Hospital is a cool place for kids. They set up three stations of “making music” where kids can make sounds by manipulating the laser beams. The boys loved it.

There is also a huge kaleidoscope that kids can look around and see amazing things on the other side of the tube.

Like this!

I cooked rice porridge for him but he refused and asked to eat one bowl of rice and ginger chicken and fried egg. He gave me a big thumb up for cooking a hearty meal.

And then…back to the normal routine of bedtime reading and singing with O. Life is good and dandy!

Ok, the pancakes are done. I burned four of them, they ended up in the trash. 😀

Time to go to bed for me. I had just a few short hours of sleep last night.

Once again, my heart is grateful for all the warm thoughts from everyone who have stepped into this blog and read about Peanut’s condition. This blog helps me through those tough days. “D


14 thoughts on “Home bound, safe and sound!

  1. Lo an mung nam moi, khong tham blog chi co 1 tuan ma` qua chu`ng chuyen!!! Peanut duoc ve nha la mung qua roi. Oh such is the life of the mom of two boys 🙂 Happy new year ca nha chi nha, mong nam moi khoe manh 🙂

  2. Bữa nay rãnh rỗi vao đọc blog mới biết con em bệnh, và đã trở về nhà, mừng Peanut đã được khỏe lại, vui quá. Em và O phải ráng nghĩ ngơi nếu được nha. Hồi xưa con chị vào bệnh viện, sau khi nó trở về nhà rồi thì hai vợ chồng thay phiên nhau bệnh vì quá lo và mỏi mệt trong thời gian đó.

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