normal boring routine

There is nothing much to report from my neck of the woods so nothing much to write home about.

Peanut is recovering very well, and back to his charming toddler self. He is on a daily routine of aspirin intake to help thinning the blood that prevents potential clotting. We took him to his doctor for a follow-up check up and she gave him a clean bill of health. He has been kept at home this week to avoid contacting with germs and virus at public place. That also means I have been home with him for almost a week.

The weather is brutal; temperatures have been within the range of single digit and below-zero with the additional windchill that sometimes the “feel-like” temperature dipped down to -30F.

O and I are thinking of moving to a warmer place.

So far our potential destinations are Northern Virginia (not much warmer, though!), Houston/Dallas (nice in the winter but too hot in the summer), California-Bay Area (too expensive and earthquake prone), Atlanta, Georgia (nice, but I know no one there), and Jacksonville, Florida (Nice and warm, but I heard it’s very ghetto!)

These are the places where his current agency has offices that he can make a transfer.

O is leaning towards Northern Virginia, and I like Atlanta. But there are always pros and cons to weight in so I am still on the fence about moving.

I know for sure that I can’t handle this kind of winter as I am getting older. My age shows!


One thought on “normal boring routine

  1. Chi di Northern VA di chi 🙂 thoi tiet khoang 30-40 khong a, lau lau moi lanh thiet lanh khoang 1-2 tuan thoi.

    New year tui Em ko di dau xa, chi di an uong party o nha ban be, va to chuc party o nha thoi 🙂

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