Tuesday and random thoughts

Morning light, somber
Pine needles cling on to life
Winter, should be gone!

I am so random today!

1. We lucked out and escaped the snow storm and blizzards that hit Ohio and other New England states. I don’t want to jink our luck, but I must say it’s nice not to worry about driving in sleet and slippery roads, specially the deadly black ice. It’s still bone-chilling cold around here; that, I know, we cannot escape.

O and I are still back and forth about moving to a warmer state, and we looked at Mid-Atlantic states as well as the South. But it’s a decision that still oscillate in our mind. I told O, just leave it up to fate!

2. The flu season is still going strong.

O came down with a cold yesterday but he still have to go in to the office because he has a huge presentation about his experience in Somalia tomorrow. I hope he can come home early today and rest for the big event. I asked O to wear a mask around the house and dictated him not to kiss Peanut. We are worried about Peanut catching a cold/flu these days because that would put him back in danger with inflammation. He has his follow-up Echocardiogram this Friday to check for the arteries surrounding the heart.

Lately I taught him about where his heart is, and whenever I asked, “Where do you put my love?” he would respond, “My heart” and points at his left chest.

3. My friend Linh/Idlehouse is expecting a third baby, and it’s a girl! I am envying her a bit for having the guts to go for the third child. She is an awesome and wholesome mom to begin with so I have no worry that she will do well, and juggle everything in between her addiction for Korean dramas and infatuation for hot Korean guys like Kim Soo Hyun.

O and I are still considering having a third baby after my recent miscarriage, but I am pushing 40 soon, so that decision is also oscillating in our minds. Again, I cannot be greedy because I have two handsome boys and I am happy with that.

4. My younger brother, Khôi, is finally getting married in October. I am planning for a trip to Southern California to attend his wedding. It’s been almost 15 years since that last time I was in the west coast. The plans I have now are either to travel by myself or to go with O and the boys. It depends on the cost of having a whole family there for an entire week. We all know it is not cheap in California.

5. Anyway, I am waiting for warm weather to return, and to plant seeds for more lovely Cosmos in my front yard. At least there is something that keeps me looking forward to having. 😀


16 thoughts on “Tuesday and random thoughts

  1. chieu qua chi chui ta khoi nha, cho thang nho di choi tuyet, nhung cai xe ket cung trong dong tuyet em oi. May bua nua nhiet do xuong thap, chac con lau nua dong tuyet nay o Chicago moi chiu tan. Tu dau mua dong chi da bat dau xay dung uoc mo moi: di Baltimore hay Annapolis. Virginia khi hau cung rat de chiu. Chi song o North Carolina 5 nam, mua dong am tuyet voi, nhung mua he thi nong chay bong em ui. Maryland cung de chiu…huhu.. ma thoi, voi chi do hay con la giac mo, chi phai cho tui con nit hoc xong cap 3, con lau lam. Thoi, cu song voi giac mo mot luc da nhi. Tui em con con nho, di lai de et…. di dau cung vui, mien la moi nguoi khoe manh? nhi ?

    1. Bên chị còn có thêm gió lạnh nữa há. Bên em hôm nay có khoảng ba inch nên cũng không tệ cho lắm.

      Cứ muốn dọn đi mà nghĩ tới xa ngoại xa mấy cậu của hai thằng đậu nên cũng chạnh lòng lắm chị.

      1. Ừa, tránh được lúc nào thì tránh. Chớ tui nằm bẹp dí mấy ngày mà phải tự khóa trái cửa,nhốt mình trong phòng, không dám gần tụi nhỏ vì sợ lây cho tụi nó kìa! 😦 😦

  2. ddi CA choi ddi..hu’ em ..thay khap noi toan la lanh va tuyet. CA may tuan nay in mid 70s..hom nay se la 80s ..early summer. Take care nhe chi

    1. rồi em ơi, giữa tháng 10 đó. Đám cưới em chị là 10/16 nên chắc là ở chơi sau đám cưới mấy ngày. Mà cũng chưa biết là dắt cả nhà đi hay chỉ có mình chị đi.

    1. Thank you for the compliments!

      We are trying to hard to avoid contracting the cold virus but it seems inevitable with a five-year-old in preschool. We are all received the flu shot so hopefully from now until the end of the winter we are flu-free.

  3. bo`n du`ng vrbo.com for extended stay, re? ho+n hotel…. first 2 weeks of October in CA usually no’ng tho^? huye^’t kie^?u Indian Summer, cho tu.i nho? qua ddi bie^?n se~ nice…

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