a long week has passed

It’s been a long week. I feel like I need more extra time, hands, and energy at the end of every day just to get all the work around the house done. At this moment, we have about five baskets of clean laundry waiting for us to fold and put them away. I kept telling myself that I would get them done tomorrow, and it’s been five “tomorrows” in total and they are still there in the living room.

Waiting. Waiting. And waiting.

At least the boys are well fed, bathed, cleaned, and well entertained. We spent a lot of time with them this week. Last Friday I chaperoned his class to the Minnesota Orchestra Hall. It was PP’s first field trip and riding the yellow school bus so he was quite stoked about it. I, too, enjoyed it immensely and it was a wonderful experience that I will write in a separate post, as it deserves one.

On Saturday we took them to the Mall of America to walk around because they need that physical activity. Nowadays we avoid indoor play yards they are the incubators of germs. You know those places are not well sanitized, and the accumulation of dirt, germs, and other god-know-what micro critters roaming around undetected by normal eye vision.

Ever since Peanut had Kawasaki, I have developed a strong phobia for germs.

Tết (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) is looming in the horizon. Only eight TEN more days until the year of the Goat/Sheep, or in Vietnamese, it’s Ất Mùi. This year, the first day of Tết is stuck during the middle of the week. O cannot take a day off, and then he has to take a flight to Washington D.C. the next day. PP still has school on both days so I am not sure how I will arrange it all without exhausting myself. I will deal with it when the time comes. 😀

And O is turning another year old on February 17.

Yay for Daddy’s birthday!!!

PP was upset that we did not let him get on the rides at the Mall. And Peanut was just being cute in his toddler self.



2 thoughts on “a long week has passed

  1. Can’t tell you how many wrinkled shirts I’ve folded “as is” because “tomorrow” sounded like a much better day to fold laundry! Especially with kids, it’s hard to want to do the menial tasks when it’s so much more fun to play with the little ones (or clean up a more pressing mess, etc.).

    1. thank you for the empathy! At the end of the day, the kids are more likely to remember the good times, good laugh, and time we spent with them rather than the five baskets of unfolded laundry. Sometimes I just want to be June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver show) and do it all while dressed up with perfect make up and hair. 😀 But we all know, in reality, that is not attainable. 😀

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