snow day and the hearty pot roast

I supposed to make beef phở today, but I forgot to buy marrow bones for the broth. The ironic thing is, I was at one of the largest Asian grocery stores that took me half an hour of driving to Saint Paul yesterday. This place has almost everything…and I mean…everything for my Asian cooking pleasure, and sad but true, I forgot to picked up the bones. If the spices make up the soul of beef phở, then the marrow bones are the heart of it.

I was not absent-minded, but was distracted.

Grocery shopping trips with my boys are more stress-inducing than needed. I constantly have to keep one eye looking for items that I need, and the other at their hands, feet, and heads to prevent them from knocking the whole aisle of stocked items onto the ground. So while pushing the cart around, I picked up other stuff but not the bones.

My plan B was to make pot roast because I have a piece of chuck roast, and will be making it the Vietnamese style. The piece of roast has been sitting and simmering in low heat in my dutch oven since noon. I just cut three hearty Japanese/Asian sweet potatoes into bite-size cubes, and dropped them into the pot. The roast will be tender and melt-in-your-mouth ready by the time O comes home for work.


5 thoughts on “snow day and the hearty pot roast

    1. em làm pot roast nhưng flavor/seasoning kiểu VN đó chị, chứ O cũng không thích bò kho cho lắm vì O không ăn được nhiều cà (bị đau bao tử mãn tính).

  1. Bởi dzậy nhiều khi tui đi chợ mà cũng phải ….take note trước đó nàng ui. Hổng thôi, dạo này lẩm cẩm rồi, ra đến nơi, đáng lẽ phải mua cái này thì lại mua qua cái khác rồi quên mấy thứ mình muốn mua á 🙂 🙂

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