story teller

PP is very talkative. One of his nick names that we use at home is “radio” because he constantly talks until he is out of breath if we don’t ask him to slow down. But he is also very creative because he can come up with many different “inventions” in his own rights with existing toys or safe household items that we give him (his favorite is the core of the paper towel rolls). Lately he is into the solar system, and the existence of earth and different kind of cosmo stuff.

But one thing he has loved doing is shadow puppetry. I remember many times I give him time-out to sit at this very spot, he would use the sun light that came through from the window and started making up stories. This kid used the very opportunity to entertain himself.

Last Saturday afternoon we had an inviting block of sun came into the house and cast an opening frame on the wall. So here it is, our story teller, and he was not even put on time-out.

He was telling a story of a bunny and a gazelle…

(The freezing frame was when I clicked to take a photo.)


7 thoughts on “story teller

  1. Hi Em! Nhung dua thong Minh no de chan hon la dung roi! Vi no thinking out of the box ma . Chi nghi dieu do la tot no se hoc vuot xa ban be . Thang nhoc em no thiet la de thuong & nhin vui : chi Thich no cuoi lam nhin ma het met moi.

    1. Cám ơn chị. Nó cũng có tánh rất hiếu kì, nghe chữ nào nó không hiểu là hỏi cho biết. Cái tánh nó năng đông nữa nên cả ngày với nó là em mệt xỉu luôn đó.

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