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We met this local author at the Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival that we attended two weeks ago. O and I walked by and the colorful book cover caught my attention. I took a look at O, and we both knew that we needed to grab a copy.

It’s exactly the kind of children’s stories that I want the boys to know about. Some of these were what I grew up reading in Vietnam, and it’s been hard finding them written in English. I was elated to have met this woman, and bought a copy with her autograph. The boys are quite intrigued that their names were addressed on the first page, and took quite an interest in the book itself.

We just started the book with about two stories. I believe that the text is clearly written and easily understood even by those who aren’t familiar with Vietnamese cultural folklores. The illustrations are beautifully crafted with vivid color gamuts, and akin to the kind of images that I found in Vietnamese children literature of my childhood.

Copies of the book are sold on, and for $12.79 + shipping/handling, I think it’s worth a purchase.


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  1. Trang co’ biet lam sao lien lac duoc voi tac gia khong? Neu nhu khong muon mua qua Amazon co duoc khong hen.

    1. Thy: thử mua mấy loại sách truyện thiếu nhi song ngữ kiểu này của Viet Toon ( thử xem. Tranh do Viet Toon thiết kế luôn á.

    2. Hôm bữa Trang quên xin cô đó cái email. Cô cũng xing email của Trang mà chưa thấy cô email cho Trang. Để Trang tìm thử há.

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