I have not used my phone for any other purposes than to communicate with O while he is away. The boys kept me busy, which is an understatement, and I found myself unplugged from emails and the blog for days. 

With O being away on business trip, I have no choice but to be on a vigilant shift of parenting the boys. Peanut has become a riot and he likes to quickly run away from my grasp whenever possible, like it is a game, which leaves me stressed out when we are out and about. The other day when I picked up PP at school and before I could have a minute to chat with the teacher, Peanut slipped his hand from mine and started playing hide and seek along the corridor of the preschool corner. I frantically ran after him checking every nook and finally one of the teachers found him in her classroom. He came out holding her hand with a mouth-widen grin knowing he was in trouble but trying to mollify the situation with his charms. 

Then tonight he refused to go to bed by making up things. At first he called out, water please, Mẹ! I gave him a few sips of water. Not even five minutes later, Mẹ, stinky poop, Mẹ! And then he filled up the toilet with his business. I washed him again, put him back to bed, and before I could even pick up a glass of water to drink in the kitchen, he called out again, Mẹ I pee Mẹ, peeeeee! I went to his room and there it was — a puddle of his urine on the floor. He even had the audacity to look at me, eyes widen and proud, and pointed out the fact that he did not pee on the bed. I washed and gave him a new set of PJ but before long, he did it again — same tricks, same kind of calling me to his attention, same grin on his face with a pride attached just because he left the bed un-soiled. I was reaching my threshold of patience at this point so before I gave him a new set of PJ, I grabbed a night diaper and that was final, no more washing and changing. Yet, he still shouted out loud that he’d peed and pooped, opened his door and ran to my room. I said to him, dude, you have a diaper on so feel free to pee and poop in it. He dropped his shoulders, crestfallen, with a dip in ughh as to express disappointment then slowly tread back to his room, climbed on the bed and gave me a final, goodnight, Mẹ! that bounced off from the walls and to my room. Five minutes later I heard him snoring off and to dreamland. When I checked on him, he had the blanket rolled into a ball, with his snuggy inside, and pushed to a corner of the bed. As for him, he curled his body with chest down and butt sticking up on the other end of the bed. 

While Peanut was causing the commotion, PP was disturbed because he was trying to sleep in his room. He complained a few times then I heard him said, Mr. Khalam, please stop, I need sleep and good dreams. 

Ahhh, the joy and exhaustion of parenting, both come as a duo that defines life’s most important experience. I am exhausted at the end of the day; this statement is like a broken record, but how else can I describe my energy right now. I sometimes wish that I could look and be like June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver. She was a stay home mom but was so poised and polished at any given time. Why can’t all stay home mom be like that?  I probably am not a true stay home mom. 🙂 

I apologize for the lack of responses to your comments. I promise to do so when I hop on my laptop tomorrow. Right now, I also need sleep and some good dreams myself. 

They liked to put on O’s clothes and acted like him, imitating his walk and talk. 


11 thoughts on “Unplugged 

  1. Thank you for sharing this story. I can relate to you having days where you are flying solo at parenting. I can also relate to your night shift as well. My youngest likes to make requests at bedtime until he passes out.I hope that this phase will pass soon, and that you will get some well deserved rest soon.

    1. Sorry for the late response to your comment. The boys keep me constantly busy and on my toes that I hardly have the time to write my thoughts. How old is your youngest? It amazing how they think of all the tricks and excuses just to get out of bed.

  2. Ừa, tuổi của Peanut là dzậy mờ. Phải ráng chờ cho lớn chút cỡ anh PP thì mới đỡ chút đỉnh (chỉ chút đỉnh là mừng rồi) hơ .

    Ôm 3 mẹ con nè ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Mà dạo này biết nói nhiều biết dùng từ diễn tả nên thích trả lời lại lắm. Hết bực cái này thì nó đâm ra trò khác chọc mình chơi

      1. Trẻ con mà năng động kiểu dzậy mới dzui mờ. Chịu khó mệt & bực mình 1 chút, nhưng ….mà đáng mà, đúng hông nè ! 🙂 🙂

  3. Nhóc nhà em quen co-sleeping rồi bây giờ em ko biết làm sao train để ngủ riêng nữa. Tối nó giật mình dậy là khóc um sùm chứ ko chịu ngủ lại. Any advice chị?

    1. hai thằng đậu chị tập từ nhỏ nên chị không biết cách nào để giúp em hết. Chắc là phải đợi nó grow out of it em ơi.

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