cloudy with an absolute chance of wholesome fun

Yay, I am happy to report that the temperature is between the 50s and 60s this week. That means the boys will get outdoors time and fresh air after six month long of winter. Finally, spring is coming closer. 😀

We went to our favorite park today for a walk. There was a slight overcast, and the wind was a bit strong. The lake is still frozen with lines of cracks, and piles of snow are beginning to melt away. It’s not a short-and-tshirt kind of weather, but we did not complain, it’s ideal for a nice walk.

The boys were running towards the puddle of melt snow right away and started stomping their feet in the shallow pools.

Then PP asked to visit the Japanese garden where the giant pine cone is located. They had fun running around in the maze and stomping water from the trenches in between paved pathways.

And finally, here is a photo of the frozen lake.


8 thoughts on “cloudy with an absolute chance of wholesome fun

  1. Fabulous happy photographs. Yes it si great when the youngsters can start getting some proper fresh air and exercise whilst having so much fun. Thats a win win if ever I saw it. Lovely.

  2. Nhìn 2 anh em chạy nhảy, chơi đùa ở ngoài dzui quá hà. Bên này tụi nhỏ đang nghỉ Spring Break mà trời mưa hoài, hổng ra ngoài lâu được luôn nè nàng ui.

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