before the husband comes home!

It’s Wednesday, that means I am staying up late catching up on laundry and tidying up the house before O comes home on Friday. I know, I need two nights to wrap up all the household chores.

Without him at home, I used the laissez-faire approach to house governing — left dirty dishes in the sink overnight (perhaps more than one night), kids’ soiled clothes in a corner of the bathroom until I have the energy to pick them up and throw them in the washer, and I did not sweep the floor every day. But rest assured, in spite of a few messy spots and shambles around the house, my boys are well fed, well cared for, and well nurtured.

I am writing this post in between laundry loads.

PP had his Kindergarten assessment today at his future elementary school. He did quite well, and the teacher shared that his reading level is where most kids are by the end of Kindergarten. That gives me confidence in my home-teaching method to supplement what he formally receives from Preschool.

I started teaching him phonics last summer, bought the Hooked on Phonics app (highly recommended!) for him, which spring-boarded his greater interest for reading. We have also been working on letter-writing and math. He gets agitated about sitting at one place, and hates the repetition of doing the same thing over again. But I do switch it up between that and some fun math works. Lately he is using the Khan Academy app (also, highly recommended!), and begins to work on sequencing and basic addition/subtraction.

PP is a kid who gets bored easily, if I don’t find ways to challenge him, he will fall into a slump of boredom, and when he gets bored he only wants to watch TV. Sometimes I feel as if I am a Tiger Mom in the making, setting high expectations for him, and asking him to do some work beyond his age. I still think that being a parent, I need to help him practicing the notion of “doing better” and not falling back into mediocracy. He might not like it now, but he will thank me in the future, I am sure.

(That’s my snippet of having a Tiger Mom’s attitude!)

Anyway, I do balance between academic work and fun stuff for them. They need balance, just as much as they know about expectations. Today we had great outdoors time, walking along the hiking trail. It was warm and sunny, but the surrounding color was a brownish monotone. The lake was still frozen on surface. If the temperature keeps rising then spring thaw will happen soon.

I am keeping my eyes on the cherry trees at the park, waiting for the blossoms to adorn and take over this brownish color of late winter.

They stopped midway through the trail to talk to this gentleman and ask about his dog. It’s fun to listen to the conversation between them. The funny part was when Peanut told the gentleman, doggy is stinky poop! , not exactly to his verbatim. He was not verbose enough to be diplomatic. He told it like it was, straight up toddler honesty.

The lake is still frozen, trees are still bare-boned and frail. But I still found beauty in it — sullen beauty!

Alright, I just heard the sound of the washer coming to a stop. The last load is done; I need to throw them into the dryer. The boys need clean socks, lots of them!


9 thoughts on “before the husband comes home!

  1. In the picture, Peanut is almost as tall as PP. Haha, I am is the same way as you when my husband is away from home even that I am old almost twice your age 🙂 and have no young children. I tidy up the house the day before my hubby comes home. To be slacked up couple days or a week is my best moment in adulthood.

    1. cám ơn chị. Nó ở nhà với em nên ăn no ngủ đủ. Từ hôm bị bịn đến giờ cũng ăn ít lại rồi. Lạy trời nó khoẻ mạnh.

      em thấy đời là phải sống có chút messy chút xíu há chị, phải imperfect to make it human. Nhưng hôm qua và sáng nay em dọn sặch sẽ rồi.

  2. Nhìn hình tui cũng thấy Peanut sắp cao gần PP, coi bộ anh nhỏ bự con hơn heng Tr? Tui mà ở nhà 1 mình dí tụi nhỏ, lúc nào cái nhà cũng như bãi chiến trường hết 🙂

    1. thằng Peanut nó bự hơn anh nó vì nó thích ăn lắm, với lại ở nhà với tui tui tẩm bổ cho nó.

      bãi chiến trường đã dọn xong, nhưng chỉ đủ hơi dọn ở nhà trên thôi còn basement thì chưa đụng tới

  3. Tui dạo này có 2 đứa người làm phụ giặt & gấp quần áo nên cũng đỡ tay đỡ chân lắm nè em iu.

    Dọn mỗi ngày 1 xíu thì còn có sức. Có nhiều lúc gom vô dọn 1 lượt là nhìn hoa mắt, hết muốn dọn dẹp gì luôn á em iu ơi. <== tui đang noái tui nà 😉 :p :p

    1. tại không có ông O một mình tui chống trọi nên cứ dồn đó. Có ông O thì ổng lo chuyện tắm rữa cho tụi nhỏ, tui rảnh rang hơn tui làm việc khác.

      1. Ừa há, nhiều khi ở nhà quay qua quay lại hết giờ nhanh lắm ha nàng.

        Mà làm gì thì làm, cũng lo nghỉ ngơi nhiều đó nha.


      2. tụi nó càng lớn thì thời gian cho một ngày đi qua càng nhanh. Như là hôm nay, định giặt xong ba rổ đồ dơ rồi dắt tụi nhỏ ra ngoài, mà cuối cùng thì ba mẹ con cũng ru rú ở nhà.

      3. Dạo này trên đó cũng ấm áp nhiều nên mấy mẹ con cũng đi ra, đi vô hoài cũng đỡ buồn há.

        Tui thì dường như cách 1 ngày là giặt đồ á nàng. Hổng thôi, dồn một núi là hết hồn, khỏi giặt luôn …ha ha ha 🙂

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