First-time mother

My younger sister-in-law, at 38 weeks of her first-time pregnancy. She gained a lot of weight and was not too sure about having her maternity photos taken. I cajoled her into posing for me this afternoon, unplanned and at the spur of the moment, but she did well. Thanks weather-god for a warm and golden sunset.

I think all pregnant women are beautiful and glowing in their own way.

I miss being pregnant!

an outtake 😀


5 thoughts on “First-time mother

  1. Aww she is beautiful! I bet you can’t wait to be an aunt! Thank-you for sharing a little snippet into your family life 🙂

    1. Thank you for the comment. I can’t wait to have a niece. Actually I have another sister in law who is pregnant at the same time and she will also have a girl. So I have two nieces. Can’t wait to take their newborn photos!

  2. So beautiful! ❤

    Ừa, tui cũng thấy mấy bà bầu có kiểu đẹp của bà bầu mà hổng có 1 phụ nữ nào khác có được á nàng! 🙂

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