the toddler, almost three

This toddler, still clings onto my arms, asking to be held.

Ẳm con, Mẹ, ẳm! he begged in Vietnamese.

He picks up a wide range of vocabulary in the last three months or so, and his verbal expressions have become more succinct. His most frequently used phrases are I don’t know, that’s funny and thank you. If he is sad, he would let me know, and if otherwise, he’d come and look at me in the eyes, I am happy, Mẹ and give me a wide smile.

He wants to follow PP to school, and would get ready with a bag, his drawing pad, and a box of crayons. The days that PP has classes, he wanted to stay as well. It’s a struggle to get him back to the car every time.

I love an endearing conversation that we usually have using Vietnamese, and it’s usually brief, but touches all corners of my heart.

Me: Khalam, con thương ai? (Khalam, who do you love?)
Him: Con thương Mẹ. (I love Mommy!)
Me: Con thương Mẹ con để đâu? (Where do you put my love?)
Him: Chim. (Bird.)

For the non-Vietnamese, the answer is “Tim” which is “heart” but since his lip sounds for the “T” consonant has yet emerged, he uses the “Ch”. Well, there is a pun in this answer, as “chim” is also a colloquial second-tier term that indicates a person’s groin region.


3 thoughts on “the toddler, almost three

  1. Aww moi day ma em gan 3 tui roi. Coi bo em noi nhieu tieng viet hon anh hai hen. Thang con cua em thi con hoi no’ them la “Tim con mau gi?”, co khi no noi Tim no mau do, co khi mau hong, co khi mau vang 🙂

  2. Nhanh vậy đó. Quay qua quay lại, chàng gần 3 tuổi rồi hả. Chàng được ở gần mẹ nhiều hơn nên rành tiếng Việt hơn anh Hai phải hông nè.

    Cưng chàng quá đi thôi ❤

    PS: Cái vụ "thương để trong chim" thì lúc nhỏ, Cún cũng nói y chang vậy á. Cười ngặt nghẽo luôn. 🙂

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