Writing 101

day 1 — free writing for 20 minutes. 

I am not too optimistic about keeping up with this challenge for four weeks but any attempts will be applauded for at least trying. 

So here it goes with the first assignment. 

Today we visited La Luna who is three days old. As a newborn she sleeps all day and only awake just a few short minutes each hour to see the world. I don’t know how my sister in law is feeling but she kept saying it is still manageable with a 18-month old and a newborn. Contradicting to her answer which seemed to appease my concern, I could see on her face the worries and a subdue loneliness. She looked sad underneath a faint and forced smile. I could tell that she is already dealing with a certain level of post-partum depression, like I did when PP was born. However, my mom has stayed over at their house to watch over the toddler to free my sister in law from the mangles of toddler’s demands for his mother’s attention. He has developed separation anxiety and is not dealing well with the new baby in the home. Today he threw a lot of tantrums and wanted to be held either by his father or grandmother whenever he saw the mother holding the baby sister. 

That was one of the reason why I brought my boys over so he would have friends around his age to play. It worked for a few hours then he went back to the crying and begging for the mother’s attention, which broke my heart. 

Today my mom and I went grocery shopping then brought all the items over to the house and cook for my brother and the sister in law. Knowing that they will have less time to worry about food and even cooking nutricious meals for the postpartum diet, I thought making a little contributions will lessen their load of worries. 

My mom made the black chicken soup simmered in Chinese herbs that she bought from an Eastern Medicine store in California during her trip last October. If you are not familiar with black chicken, the final result of the dish looks like something that is featured on Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmern. However, looks might be deceiving and good taste is also in the mouth of the beholder. It actually taste very rich and aromatic, given the infusion of Chinese herbs, plants, and fruits that were taken from nature. My mom made these for me when I had Peanut, and it helped with speedy recovery after the second C-section. 

It’s been 20 minutes. How did I do?


7 thoughts on “Writing 101

  1. Great job as always, dear! ❤

    Mẹ của bé La Luna có bà Nội ghé chăm sóc nhà cửa phụ là nhất rồi còn gì. Ở gần mẹ là vậy đó. Bà Nội lúc thì lo cho cháu Ngoại, lúc lại lo cho cháu Nội. Thương bà quá đi! (làm nhớ bà Ngoại của Cún quá nè nàng ui).

    Ôm hết cả nhà nhen ❤

    1. chị dâu có bà Nội qua trông coi thằng lớn cũng đở lắm. Nó nhõng nhẻo và rất khó chịu. Separation anxiety.

      Nhớ Ngoại thì chừng nào về?

      1. Nhớ Ngoại thì chắc xem khi nào Ngoại rảnh thì đón Ngoại về xứ cao bồi chơi ít ngày. Còn về trên nhà ở TN thì chắc cuối tháng 8 mới về luôn, tại lúc đó về lo đám cưới cho cậu Út tụi nhỏ luôn.

      2. vậy là tháng tám cậu út làm đám cưới hả? Chúc mừng. 😀 Tháng mười thì thằng em của tui cũng lấy vợ.

      3. Cậu Út làm đám cưới vào Labor’s Day weekend. Nhưng chắc cả nhà về sớm vài hôm.

        Dzậy là nhà tui dzí nhà nàng cả hai cậu út đều rủ nhau lấy dzợ hết heng 😉

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