Teapot, 10 days old

Being a godmother to two newborn baby girls, I have to make the rounds of visit. Yesterday was spent with La Luna, today it was Teapot’s turn.

I cooked some food for my sister in law to eat for her postpartum diet: brown rice, seaweed soup, and steamed eggs. The latter two are borrowed from Korean culture, which upon some research I found that these two are nutritious and replenishing the postpartum recovery. I also bought some asian chives then blanched them in boiled water to give her some green and fibers.

Having been through two postpartum periods, I know a thing or two about taking care of the body at this critical time, which in turned I pass the wisdom along to my sister in law. This one tends to seek out for my advice, whereas the other rarely takes the initiatives so I am reluctant to impart wisdom when is not solicited.

Here she is, a 10-day-old newborn. 😀

Random note to self: Photos were taken with my Samsung NX1100 that I did not like. I bought it for the family trip to Vienna, Austria, but afterward it was left in a corner of my kitchen cupboard. After knowing how to manually operate the DSLR, this two-third kind was a challenge for me. It’s just me, not the camera. The only best feature that the camera comes with is the direct wi-fi connection with Facebook, Gmail, and Youtube.

My brother asked if I don’t use it often, then he wants it. Now it is his!


3 thoughts on “Teapot, 10 days old

  1. What a cutie! I find the dynamic with your sisters interesting. One wants advice the other well, is reluctant. I tend to respond in the same way, if my wisdom doesn’t seem appreciated or an annoyance, I keep it to myself. This made me think perhaps there is a way to help others indirectly, besides through direct advice giving. My thoughts are through motivational interviewing. This way you respond empathetically and curious, while the other person “discovers the wisdom.” Even though you originally planted the idea in there head via question asking. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you, Janice, for the advise. I tend to hold myself back, and not giving a barrage of advice like “I know all of it” even to the sister in law who has interests in asking for advice. I do more and impart more advice for the younger sister in law because she is a first-time mother, whereas the other is not. The younger one asks many questions, mostly about breast-feeding, and helping a newborn with sleep cycle, and such. For the other sister in law, one of the reasons she does not seek out for advice is because she has been through once before, and have first-hand experience.

      But as a woman, I do feel empathetic to their postpartum health, both physical and emotional. Sometimes just having another person to sit and just talk would ease the blues. Therefore my mom is staying over at the older sister in law’s house to help out with cooking and taking care of her 18-month toddler, while I try to support the younger sister in law with some of my postpartum diet food or care-taking that she asked me to provide.

      All in all, I think we gain wisdom through personal experience — going through trials of success and failures — and own it ourselves. So with that, I don’t give unsolicited advice. But yeah, having sleep deprivation with a demanding newborn…I have been there. IT WAS HARD!!!

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