when the universe conspires

It’s almost 11 p.m. but Mr. O is still up. It’s very unlikely of him to be up this late. He usually starts yawning by the end of dinner, and his body gives up right around 9 p.m. Tonight is an unusual one for him.

He is taking a four-hour exam on Friday in the areas of anti-money laundering and international compliancy, which will further enhance his overall professional experience. My husband has test-anxiety so taking this kind of exam is a challenge for him. However, he has prepared this exam for months, and this is the final home stretch.

I am writing this post because I want to gather all the blessings that he could get to pass this exam. He has put his heart and soul into it, and is confident that he will do well.


11 thoughts on “when the universe conspires

    1. Cám ơn chị. Em cũng đang mong là vậy. Hôm nay em phải lo hết cho hai thằng con để O yên tâm ôn bài.

    1. Cám ơn chị. O không thông minh cho lắm nhưng có tính nhẫn nại và determined. Nói là làm chứ không như em hay xìu xìu ển ển. Với lại O có learning disabilities nên phải bỏ nhiều effort vô

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