A day off from cooking

To celebrate Mr. O’s success, he gave me a day off and away from the kitchen on Saturday. We took the boys out and let them chose what food they wanted to eat. PP chose Jason’s Deli because the place offers free corn muffins and ice cream. This kid is already thinking economically!

And yes, finally I got around to get them new haircut at Kids’ Hair. They seem to look a bit different, and grown-up, every time I had their hair cut. Peanut’s facial features are more defined without the unruly hair.


3 thoughts on “A day off from cooking

  1. 😀 I used to dress my older son in button down plaids shirts too, short sleeves for summer, long sleeves for winter. I like the clean neat look of them 🙂 Wait till the boys reach elementary school and have an opinion about what they wear….it will be T shirts only Mom! 🙂
    Congratulation to Mr O’s success 🙂

    1. Cái này là fashion style của O truyền lại nhưng em cũng thích. Nhìn thấy nó chững chạc.

      Bây giờ thằng lớn cũng muốn tự chọn đồ rồi chị. Nhiều lúc cũng muốn điên đầu với ổng.

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