Being a guest speaker

two weeks ago while searching my alma mater’s website I stumbled upon my former faculty advisor’s introductory page. My first thought, oh yay, he is still there, and then onto looking at his photo I thought, it’s been almost 13 years since the last time we saw each other; he has aged! 

Then I emailed him. And a few days later he responded. In his email, he invited me to come and meet his students in the Intercultural Communication class. 

I used to do guest-speaking for him every semester from the year I was a senior until right before I left for graduate school in Boston. He was the one who encouraged me to do more public speaking, he trained me, gave me hardcore constructive feed back, took me to the local speech competition and watched me failed miserably at some and gained high points at other. He was actually the one who told me to take pride in my hyphenated cultural identity, and be proud of my English accent, both of which were giving me undulating difficulty while growing up. 

Over the years we bonded; he was the academic father figure that I greatly admire and owe gratitude. 

I am sure he will be proud upon knowing how many public speaking events that I have had and the sizes of audience who came to listen to what I have to share throughout my professional life. 

Anyway, this Friday I am meeting him and his students. I will do a mini-lecture about intercultural communication and diversity support for underrepresented groups of college students. He also asked me to talk a bit about building a multicultural family, which I think will be relevant and pique their interest. 

It’s been more than two years since I did something like this. Although I have load of experience, it’s still a nerve-racking venture each time I stand in front of an audience. 

Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on “Being a guest speaker

      1. Run gì mà run. Em iu quen với việc này rồi mà. Chỉ là dạo này nghỉ giải lao 1 thời gian thôi chớ bộ.

        Ôm cái để lên tinh thần nà ❤

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