A for Ace!

I think I did pretty well as a visiting lecturer yesterday at my alma mater. We originally planned for half an hour but the conversation carried on until the end of class time, which was  about 60 minutes. The students reacted well and asked quite a lot of questions. It was so much fun. 

At the end of my first mini-lecture, my professor asked me to speak to students in another class, Persuasion – my other favorite course back in the college heyday. It was a smaller class size, but the energy was no less robust compare to the previous class. 

Before we bid our goodbyes, Professor L told me that he was amazed at how good I have gotten with public speaking. I then asked him to give me a grade and he said, of course you get an A!

That’s all I needed for a feedback. 

I had long forgotten how euphoric it was for me standing in front of an audience and speaking of subjects that are dear to my heart. Being a stay-at-home mom has all the glory moments that highlight motherhood and its fulfillment, but boy, do I miss being in an academic environment. 

Professor L also encouraged me to think about teaching as an adjunct professor, as my Master’s degree qualifies me to teach college entrance level course. That also gave me a boost of confidence because I have been in a slump of professional inspiration. It was nice to receive great advice from someone that I deeply respect. 

O also said that I should take that into consideration and he supports me 100% if I were to take on that career route. I think it would be an exciting venture, something new for me to experience!


9 thoughts on “A for Ace!

  1. Chi oi you’ll make an awesome lecturer! I think many students will decide to major in communications as a result 🙂

  2. Chị cũng nghĩ đi làm trở lại, part time, là chuyện hay. Các cháu cũng lớn rồi, cậu nhỏ vào trường thì em đi dạy học cũng vừa.

    1. em cũng sẽ suy nghĩ thêm về chuyện này. Có O ủng hộ làm em cũng thấy có thêm niềm tin cho chính mình.

      Em thấy con đường này lạ mà chắc cũng hay hay

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