and then May arrives

Can we just take a deep breath in and then exhale?

Again, one more time!

Recently I have been thrown in the orbit of family dramas, and it becomes so toxic, and of which I am not even involved but was dragged into the center of it. I just need to take an escape elsewhere, and find solace in the simple things in life.

One of the simple things I currently enjoy is breathing in the fresh bouts of spring air.

I like taking photos of young leaves that just came out from the green buds. They give off a symbolic aura, as indicative that spring is the season of renewal. One cannot take a look at them and think positively, and being hopeful. As autumn is the season that I enter seasonal depression, spring just brings me out of it.

…and I love the feeling, perhaps I should call it Euphoria.

My neighbors, one to the right and one to the diagonal right, have their cherry trees starting to bloom. Yesterday morning when I pull the car out of the driveway I gave myself a mental note that I need to capture the cherry blossoms this weekend. I texted O, telling him of the news, he texted back with a smiley. I think he thought that I was silly, hence the emoticon with no additional words. But he does know that I have been looking forward to the peak season of cherry blossoms.

Anyway, I bought three packages of cosmos seeds, and just need to work a bit on adding mulch and revitalize the soil before planting them. I hope we will get it done this weekend.


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