cherry blossoms at the front yard

It was after the rainstorm that I ran out to take photos of the sky, trying to capture the hues of violet and blue. Then I turned around to the neighbor’s yard and realized that the full bloomed cherry blossoms were calling me. 😀

This is from the neighbor whose house is on the kitty-corner of our house — full bloom of light pink blossoms.

These are from the neighbor to my right — full bloom with cherry red blossoms.

The lighting was not the best because it was right after a rain storm, and the sky was mostly overcast, but I could not help snapping photos away.

And this is what I was running out of the house in my sweatpants for. The storm was passing through, and moving to the south. The sun was trying to peak out but the was stratified by thick clusters of cloud. It was a lucky shot!


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