a big shout-out

Since I have more than 1000 followers for this humble blog, I might as well put a plug in just in case some bloggers might be interested in gaining better knowledge about web typography.

My blog reader/friend Donny (aka, Visualgui) has recently published an ebook about Professional Web Typography. The book is accessible by everyone, and payment of $3 to $10 or whatever amount you can pay is highly suggested. If you find this kind of knowledge is of significance to you, please support my friend with his first publication.

Congratulations, Donny!

Here is a little introduction about the book, taken from the website.

In this book, my goal is to prove that typesetting is fun and rewarding—not intimidating. Whenever applicable, I will share the process that helped me make the appropriate type selection for specific assignments in my work as examples for you to examine. Through my process, I hope to inspire you to discover your own. I will also cover CSS techniques that are related to typography and try to keep the technical aspects as simple as possible. You will have the chance to download all the example files, which I have uploaded to GitHub, to play with.

To be upfront, I am not a type expert. I learned typography through obsessive and extensive reading on the subject. I work full time as a web developer and designer at the George Mason University School of Law. Besides the free tuition, one of the perks of working at a university is having full access to the library. Mason has an excellent collection of books on typography and I have read most of them during the past three years. I even started acquiring my own collection with books that I want to keep for reference.


4 thoughts on “a big shout-out

    1. ừ, tự nhiên từ hôm Giáng Sinh đến giờ số follower lên vùn vụt, từ 300 đến giờ hơn cả ngàn. Chắc là toàn bots nó cài quá chớ làm gì có nhiều người thích đọc blog tui vậy.

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