my garden assistants

We moved into this house almost three years ago and every year when spring came around I told myself to have a garden but it was just in thought, never got carried out into actions. This year the boys are a bit older, at least Peanut is, so I am determined to transform the existing flower bed into a small garden.

So far they have been ok-assistants, not the best, not the worst, just ok. At times they drove me nuts when I needed to water the soil before planting and they just jumped into the middle of the water spray, screaming “water fall, water fall” and got themselves wet, and some fun. Little Peanut even stripped all of his clothes and ran naked around the yard. Fortunately our backyard is enclosed with fences built by the other neighbors. Such an exhibitionist he is!

PP has been under the weather with strep-throat and is home with me today. He is a bit cranky, and I don’t blame him! My poor babe cannot even swallow food down.

I bought each of them a pair of kid’s gardening gloves; one is Diego the Rescuer and the other is Spongebob Squarepants. They also fought to have ownership of the watering pail; I should have bought two.

I just put cosmo seeds down to the soil in the front yard this morning. Hopefully it will be a better cosmo season than last year now that I know how to work on enriching the soil.

Peanut loves this pair of crocs, but he has already outgrown them. We bought two new pairs but he insisted on wearing his favorite.

The cherry tree in my neighbor’s yard. The color is so rich after the rain. Today is also trash collection day, hence the trashcans on the curbs.

The exhibitionist right here! This is after I yelled at him to put his shirt and jeans back on. He knows how to have fun with a pail and water.

My modest garden, as I am a novice gardener. 😀

Thai basils — I am waiting for them to grow and eat with Phở!

Asian chives — yum, I love them as part of the spring roll. You don’t get these chives with spring rolls at restaurants, at least not where I live. They omit one of the best part of giving spring roll robust flavor.

French sorrel — they are tangy, best when use as wraps for bbq beef, or bánh xèo.

Hybrid heirloom tomatoes — basil, vine-rippen tomatoes, sliced of fresh mozzarella cheese, and olive oil…I am looking forward to having this salad this summer.

Early girl is looking for late-night boy 🙂 I bought these at the garden nursery for $.99. There were 6 of them in the incubator box.

I also put down seeds for cilantro, broad-leave mustard, and lettuce in the small garden bed.

And then I spent some back-breaking hours trying to organically get rid of these dandelions on the lawn. It was exhausting, but a good work out. I slept so well last night!

Nevertheless, they are beautiful!


13 thoughts on “my garden assistants

  1. Great post! It is such a good idea to plant a garden with kids. We garden as well and I love teaching our little ones where vegetables and herbs really come from 🙂

    1. thank you. I try to get them to eat more green and to get their interest in gardening is a better way for them to reap their own benefits.

  2. Mấy mẹ con giỏi quá! vậy là năm nay có rau xanh organic ăn rồi nhen ❤

    Hai anh em này giống 2 chị em Chuột Nhắt & Mèo Nhí lắm. Hễ ra vườn là khoái nghịch nước không hà. 🙂 🙂

      1. Em cũng thích nữa. Lúc mới qua mỹ một người làm chung cho ba mẹ em một bụi để trồng ăn. Em chẳng biết tên nên chỉ gọi nó là lá chua hehe ăn rau này nhớ lá giang ở vn. Cái này chị gieo hạt hay mua cây con vậy?

      2. ngày xưa ba chị đi cali xin một bụi về trồng. Lúc xưa ba còn làm vườn nên nó ra sung túc lắm. Sau này thì hết vườn tược nó chỉ nhú lên vài cái thôi. Chị qua nhà mẹ chị nhổ một bụi xong chia ra làm ba trồng. Mấy hôm nay trời lạnh quá nó cũng không phát triển gì hết.

        Chị nghĩ rau này nấu canh chua như canh chua lá giang cũng ngon lắm á em.

      1. i got them to eat vegetable quite early, since the day of them eating finger food. Nowadays I try to make greens as 1/3 part of the entire meals.

    1. mấy hôm nay ngày nào tụi nó cũng đòi ra ngoài xem coi cây cỏ có nở mầm hay chưa. Mấy cây cà thì tụi nó coi lá mới có mọc thêm hay không. Mai mốt cà có trái chắc là nó mê nữa.

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