the grass is greener on this side

Finally, after few rainstorms of late April and early May, my lawn is looking green and lush! No need to envy the grass on the other side.

Our neighbor will give it a first cut of the season sometimes this week. I like the smell of newly-cut lawn!

The boys just want to camp out in the backyard if I allow them. I’d too if I could! Perhaps we can set up a tent for them, build a fire pit and have them watch fireflies during those warm nights of July.

Well, except there will be lots of blood thirsty mosquitoes. Damn mosquitoes!

How do I tell this tale?
This morning while I was in the bathroom, the boys somehow explored and found a green sharpie pen in my kitchen drawer. Well, guess what had happened? The First-born asked the Second-born to lean against the wall then proceed to draw some mustache on the Second-born’s face. The Second-born, not to my surprise, happily obliged to his elder brother’s mischievous request. Then they started to giggle and laugh upon seeing me walking out to the kitchen.

I inquired the First-born to let me know if he did it to his brother, and he said, “he looks cute with the mustache, Mẹ!” I had no further question!

The Second-born refused to let me wash his artistically painted face.


10 thoughts on “the grass is greener on this side

  1. À, nói vụ muỗi đó hả? Nàng thử ra Home Depot hay Lowe’s mua loại này “Cutter 32-oz Backyard Bug Control Spray Concentrate Ready-To-Spray” về dùng thử đi. Nhà tui hay dùng loại này, sáng ra xịt, chiều về là hổng còn con muỗi nào luôn. Cứ gắn vào water hose rồi xịt xung quanh vườn là bao nhiêu muỗi, bọ đi hết sạch á.

  2. Grass nha chi green and lush qua. Grass nha em la a sore sight of the block. It’s so bad that i have to get professional help this year lol

    1. chị may là lúc mua nhà thì hai ông bà chủ cũ chăm sóc sân vườn giỏi lắm. Đến khi tụi chị về thì bỏ bê vì lúc đó chị gần sanh thằng Peanut. Xong lúc O đi chị không có thời gian, toàn mướn người đến chăm bón rồi anh hàng xóm qua cắt cỏ mà thôi.

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