quiet reading time

It’s in the 40F temperature range today. Why oh why? It’s already May, and we still put on jackets when we are outside. The boys asked to be at a nearby nature center and park, but I just denied their request. It’s just too cold right now.

I am also on a stand-by because O is not feeling well, but he has a deadline to meet so we drove him to work this morning. I told him that if he feels worse then I can pick him up before picking up P-Pod from school. There has been a flu virus going around our house for weeks. First, it was me, then Peanut, then P-Pod, and now O. We are the germ-cubator!

In the mean time, I want my reading time.

I found my reading corner, and snuggled in my grandma’s quilt, while P-Pod is at school and Peanut is working on his alphabet apps. My goal for today is to finish reading Bitter in the Mouth by Monique Truong. It’s due tomorrow, and I have not had quiet time to enjoy lengthy reading. There are about 100 pages left till the end. Today is the day, I hope.

This book has a different rhythm and feel compare to the most recent one I read, The Lotus and The Storm by Lan Cao. That book depressed me; I was blanketed by a hovering grey cluster of clouds for days on end; I felt suffocated reading it. In the end, I gave up even though I had about 80 pages to finish.

I do, however, enjoy reading Bitter in the Mouth.

(Thank you chị Q for the recommendation!)


2 thoughts on “quiet reading time

  1. A tablespoon of pure honey helps get rid of the flu type bugs in your system. Will help adults and children a like, Unless they are allergic to honey. Got me over the flu this year successfully! Hope it helps!
    Jeanette Hall

    1. thank you for the recommendation of home remedy. I will definitely get pure honey from whole foods today. Hopefully we will get rid of the virus.

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