flowers for you

I want to write a whole lot but my brain is a dump right now. 

It’s been busy these last few days now that my niece has moved back to live with us. Her story is a tale to tell but I will save that for some other time for a complete coverage of her 1.5 years of absence from our lives. 

Earlier in the evening while I was in the kitchen to cook dinner, she babysat the boys for us as they were frolicking in the backyard. PP called me outside and gave me this bouquet of flowers that he and Peanut picked from the garden.  

He said, Happy Mother’s Day, Mẹ! I told him that Mother’s Day was last week and then he responded, Aabo said everyday is Mother’s Day. So true!

And so I happily accepted his sweet gesture. This boy could be so sweet at such random time. 

Saturday, 5.16.15

11:23 p.m. 


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