at a graduation ceremony

The boys’ babysitter’s daughter had her graduation ceremony last Thursday. It took place at the university’s sport stadium and was packed with at least two thousands people. Mr. O kept the boys with him so I went there by myself. Three-hour ceremony was just too long for the boys to last, and suffer. I am glad they did not come along because even I, as a grown adult, felt suffocated.

Nonetheless, I always feel inspired at graduations. I think it’s the notion about embarking on a new journey — a continuum of life — that touches me the most.


2 thoughts on “at a graduation ceremony

  1. If it was as boring as my college graduation, they didn’t miss a darn thing! Was the biggest waste of time I have ever sat through. You were very wise to make them miss this torture of sitting still for SO long. Although a couple of boisterous kids would have probably been a welcomed break from the monotony, you probably didn’t want your family to be remembered that way!
    Jeanette Hall

    1. I agreed! Graduation is one kind of torture. The length itself was just too much even for me. I sat there for three hours, good thing I had the camera and phone with me.

      I just don’t like the unnecessary formal introduction of almost everyone on stage, from the dean to the regents to key note speaker to the president of the college and then the list goes on and on.

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