My son PP when out to the backyard this afternoon and saw the bouquet of flowers he gave me yesterday that laid forlornly on the cement, tattered from the rain that came down last night. He ran to me and said, Mẹ, I am sad because you did not keep the flowers. I think he was a little hurt from seeing the discarded flowers. I then had to explain to him that due to pollen allergy that O has, we cannot bring these into the house. He seemed to understand. Then I followed up with, but I took some photos yesterday, Noah!

I did not show him the photos, but he trusted me. So this post is serving as an evidence of my appreciation, just in case in the future when he reads upon it, he knows that his mother spoke the truth.

P.S. To my Noah of the future –I love the flowers that you gave me. 😀 Please read the previous post!

Sunday, 05.17.15
10:55 p.m.


3 thoughts on “evidence

    1. một hai cành thì thơm thôi người yêu, chứ nguyên cả đám thì hôi lắm, ông O bị allergy phấn hoa nên không dám đem vô nhà.

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