Family feuds 

Mr. O used to give me batshit whenever I don’t get to finish folding fresh laundry, particularly after he came home from a few days traveling for work. He did not like the sight of laundry, dirty and clean, piling up in baskets. Granted, he has always been appreciative of my stay-at-home efforts, but between the two of us, he is a bit militantly organized. 

But that was “used to” because lately I don’t get anymore batshit from him about this matter. 

Today, at such a random occasion, he came up to me and apologized for giving me hard time about our household’s laundry. This was after he tried to fold three baskets of clothes, that I threw in the washer this past week, while keeping an eye on the boys playing in the basement. He said, and I paraphrased–  now I know why you could never get things done around the house. These two clowns are the menace! 


Finally he registered and wired in with my sentiments. He empathizes! It’s tough to get things done with these two boys. I have to keep my eyes on them all the time. That was not included the time spent to separate them from fights and bickering, and giving each of them separate “relax time.” The only down time I get is after their bedtime, and by then I am too exhausted to do anymore work on top of what I had done all day. Therefore, laundry-folding has been put last on the daily to-do list. 

After folding three baskets of fresh laundry, mostly the boys’ clothes, O gave up and threw himself on the couch, asking the boys to sit and watch basketball games with him. The boys lasted only five minutes before I heard O started complaining about them. 

While all the commotions among the three of them going on in the living room, I was in the garden, enjoying my own private time.  


5 thoughts on “Family feuds 

    1. oh yes, I am waiting for the boys to be a bit older to do their own laundry. So far I ask my first born to fold his clothes too, but when it’s too much piling up they tend to make it into an adventure, causing more work for me to do in the end.

      1. Vậy là ông O còn siêng hơn ông tiên đầu bạc nhà tui á. Ông tiên thì mấy vụ giặt quần áo hay gấp đồ, ủi đồ thì khỏi đụng đến luôn 😉

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