end of a school year

Finally PP has graduated from preschool and is ready to move on to Kindergarten in the fall. I truly love the preschool he has recently attended for many reasons, but the most endearing reason was how the teachers have made PP into a better version of himself.

He has matured and made great stride in both social-emotional and academic development. I mean, after being dismissed by five different programs prior to attending this school, he has come a long way.

Anyway, here are a few end-of-the-year activities that I was invited to attend.

First, we enrolled him in a music class one-hour per week, and he seemed to enjoy it tremendously. At the end of the year, the teacher put together a performance with the kiddos and invited all the parents/families to attend. There were fewer than 10 kids in his class.

(side note — it was during this time that Peanut gave me his first furious temper tantrum in public. Oh boy, I hate the incoming of Terrifying Three!)

Last night we attended the school’s music program. About 50 kids between the age of four and five performed 30 songs, from Christian children hymns to children songs about farm animals. One particular song that they sung, Who build the ark?, made many of PP’s classmates turned towards him and gave a smile.

Peanut could not contain himself while watching his brother on stage, so he kept attempting to run up the stage and hug the brother. O did not let him because he was disruptive to the performance. Finally, when they had a few minutes for intermission, the little Peanut quickly ran up, kissed PP, and ran back with a victorious face.

When he returned to our seats, he said, I kissed Noah, aabo!

I am glad that I was there with a camera to capture the rare moment.


7 thoughts on “end of a school year

    1. lúc em dọn từ Boston về vùng này thì nó bị transitional shock rồi từ đó nó không có adapt được nên bị bao nhiêu trường đuổi ra.

  1. Nhanh quá, mới đó mà xong preschool rồi đó. Vậy là hè này PP vào Kindergarden thì học trường khác chứ hả mẹ đẹp?

    Tui lúc nào cũng mê tụi nhỏ trình diễn hết há. Dễ thương gì đâu luôn à. Mẹ đẹp chụp được mấy tấm hình đẹp quá nè. ❤

    Chúc mừng anh hai PP nhen con trai ❤

    Vài năm nữa lại đến lượt em Peanut bây giờ á. Nhanh lắm à.

  2. My nephew starts kindergarten this year. He just gradated from preschool. I do not want to be the person in charge of keeping him in line for a full day of school! Kid has ants in his pants. Keeping still and quiet frustrates him. Sounds like you have a pair of great kids!
    Jeanette Hall

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