pop of color

I have finally learned the English name for these flowers; they are Sundial, I call them Sunny-D. In Vietnamese, it’s Hoa Mười Giờ — the Ten-O’clock flowers.

And I just found out that these lovely purple flowers are called Wild Geranium.

I am sort of on-call for bedtime duty tonight. Peanut had a long nap in the afternoon and that has caused him to still be wide awake at 10 p.m. A while ago I checked in after hearing a few clicks and clangs in his room. When I opened the door I saw him wearing a pair of carpenter jeans that he found from the dirty-laundry basket, which he put all sort of socks in the few pockets.

I was a bit perplexed and amused at the same time seeing him doing this sort of things. I mean, it’s hard to be mad at the guy when he is that cute to begin with. Anyway, upon seeing me entering he asked me to sing Vietnamese children’s songs, Bà ơi/Oh Grandma and Con Chim Non/The young biddy. I gave him some love and tucked him in. He still stirs up a bit in his bed.


3 thoughts on “pop of color

  1. Cám ơn nàng, giờ ta mới biết tên Mỹ của em hoa màu tím hoa cà dễ thương nhỏ nhắn này đó.

    Anh chàng Peanut lâu lâu quậy mẹ đẹp vậy đó hả? 🙂 🙂

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