Day 2 — half a Kleenex

Last night I was snuffling in bed while watching two documentaries on Youtube. Mr. O turned towards me and asked if I was coming down with a cold. I then told him that the documentary was heart-wrenching and I just became emotional, and asked him to hand me a Kleenex.

He took out a Kleenex from the box, then tore it into two halves and gave me one. I blew the nose and complained that he was just being cheap, and he said, I just don’t want you to cry too much. He was just half joking, but I know he was also serious, because he knows my eyes get super puffy upon waking up in the morning. And a headache is also the after-effect of crying.

Suffice to say, today I have puffy eyes and been walking around with a migraine until a couple of Advil relieved it.

In case you are interested, here are the two documentaries about Vietnamese orphans, now adoptees, from the Babylift Operation in April 1975 who returned to find their birth mothers. Something about the mother-daughter relationship that deeply moved me.

1. Cath Turner’s story: So Close So Far Away. Cath is a correspondent for Al Jazeera News Network. She now lives in New York City.

I was emotionally vested after following Cath’s journey, but then Youtube’s algorithm brought Stacy’s story to my screen, so I decided to watch it just a for a little bit. It was 12 a.m. already, but then I continued, and more crying came my way.

This video has English subtitles.

2. Stacy Thuy Meredith’s story: Mẹ ơi, Con Đã Về | Dear Mom, I have come home!

If you decide to spend a bit more than two hours or so watching, I think you might need more than half of a Kleenex.

Yesterday’s photo: Mixed-berry smoothie for snack.

Today’s photos:

Mr. First-Born and his Mother-Teacher, not yet a Tiger Mom, but might come close to it. 😀

We were learning vowels, long and short, and just finished with Aa.


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