Day 3 — rascals’ rebellion

Mr. O got on a 3 p.m. flight to Washington D.C. this afternoon, leaving me with two little rascals whom are taking advantages of his absence tonight. They give me a good run for my money; two against one, no less.

I was interrupted while writing this post because 30 minutes ago Peanut just peed on the floor, and in his PJ. I went in, turned on the light, and saw him standing next to the night light saying that he needed to pee. Now after I gave him a wash he wanted to sleep on my bed, wailing and begging.

Ahhh, the rascals are rebelling, indeed. They dare not to do this to O during bed time.

Sometimes I wonder, what’s wrong with me as a parent, because they seem to take O’s words more seriously than mine. There is something lacking about my parental authority when it comes to discipline, even though I have a stern face and tone, they still find it less effective. But when O gives them the look, even without a word, they follow his order like he is a drill sergent. What frustrates me more is when O keeps telling me that I need to be tough and tougher with them, as if I never tried.

Not fair!!!

Tonight my frustration went all the way up to the red zone, and my patience was truly tested. I resorted to FaceTime and let O give them the “look” with his eyes bulging out, feigning anger, and they immediately got themselves into bed.

Perhaps my eyes are too small, and slanted, and my eyeballs cannot bulge out the way O did. Either way, it is a relief to have a second person to share this lifetime parental duties, because I know for sure I cannot do it by myself.

On a related note, O is in D.C. until Friday, a short trip to do his presentation to the board members of his agency. I am thankful that he is away only for two nights, because usually whenever he goes to D.C. for work he tended to extend his stay to visit families.

I guess the boys grew so much on him that he cannot be parted from them for too long.

Photos of the day:

We took the boys to the children’s festival last Saturday in downtown St. Paul. I have heard of the event before but had not managed to get the kids there until this year. We were very impressed at how organized the festival was, and the wide variety of hand-on activities for kids to do. The boys made pirate hats, hero masks, got henna tattoos, pictured with History Hound, and etc. We wanted to stay longer but needed to pick up Tendril from work so we left around noon.

The boys are looking forward to going there next year already!

It took me more than an hour to finish this entry.

(arggh, these boys, these rascals!!!)

8 thoughts on “Day 3 — rascals’ rebellion

  1. I especially like the 1st photo of Peanut, hands in pockets and his expression is beyond cute! Trang, you have a beautiful family 🙂 I smiled from the beginning to the end of your post, and am still smiling 🙂

  2. Trong gia đình, thường tụi nhỏ chỉ sợ 1 trong 2 người cha hoặc mẹ thôi à nàng ui. Nhà tui, tụi nhỏ cũng đâu có sợ mẹ đâu, nhưng bố nói câu nào mà nghe răm rắp luôn 🙂 🙂

    Chu choa ui,nhìn anh chàng Peanut chững chạc hẳn rồi nè!

    1. nhiều lúc hai thằng cùng quậy tui miệng la bai bải, máu dồn lên đầu mà chả biết làm gì hết luôn. Thôi thì cho tụi nó quậy xong nó mệt nó ngồi xuống cho tui dẹp.

      1. Tui nhiều lúc cũng la om xòm đó chớ. Làm trọng tài cho 3 đứa giặc là đừ hơi mà. Nhưng riết mệt quá, kệ cho tụi nhỏ quậy lun ….ha ha ha 🙂 🙂

      2. tui dạo này cũng để cho hai anh em nó quậy luôn, đánh nhau khều nhau miễn sau không u đầu chảy máu để vô ER là ok

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