Day 5 — being kids at the carnival

I got onto the highway today on my way to the airport and immediately got stuck in the bottle neck of a traffic jam. It was a quarter to five and I thought an accident happened that held up the road, but it turned out, almost every car slow down to look at the ferris wheel that stood beyond the barriers of the highway.

Just when I noticed that big colorful wheel, PP shouted out, Mommy, there is a carnival, can we go there?

And we did. The boys had fun!

Just in case any readers live in the South Metro Twin Cities area, the carnival is located in Southtown Center’s parking lot (Bloomington/Richfield area, Penn Ave exit, highway 494), on the outer side at the edge of the highway, right across from BestBuy HQ. It will be there until Sunday night.

I am off to bed. 😀 Have a great weekend. Ciao!

7 thoughts on “Day 5 — being kids at the carnival

      1. lâu lâu tốn chút cho tụi nhỏ dzui dzẻ cũng đáng mà 🙂

        Mùa này, tui hổng dám cho tụi nhỏ ra chơi mấy cái carival kiểu này lun, tại nắng nóng rồi nàng ui.

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