Day 6 — it would have been

I forgot to unregister myself from the “What to Expect” for July birth group. It would have been around 34 weeks of pregnancy if it weren’t for the miscarriage I had in November. The group digest lists all kind of topics from expecting moms, from asking for name suggestions to premature births.

I don’t know what kind of topics I would have written around this time of pregnancy; probably I am all over about weight gain or finding a comfortable sleeping position. Or perhaps I would have written about how the boys are excited to have a new addition to their sibling brood.

Whatever it would have been, just thinking about it gives me twinge of sadness, which prompted me to write this post of my day.


7 thoughts on “Day 6 — it would have been

    1. ừ, nếu không bị mất là giờ mình súng sa súng sính đón chờ em thứ ba của họp tác xã nông nghiệp nhà đậu rồi

      1. cũng chưa quyết định, vì còn nhiều vấn đề. Phải chi trẻ lại 5 tuổi là làm tới 3 hay 4 em cũng được nữa.

      2. vậy thì cứ theo sự an bài của Thượng Đế ha nàng! Có thì nhận, không có thì cũng vui luôn. Chịu hông ? 😉

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