Day 8 — oldie but might be a goodie

While cleaning my mother’s house yesterday, my brothers found this gem in the attic. Neither one of them wanted it so I declared that it’s mine.

It’s a Canon EOS 650 film camera, still in a mint condition because the person who left it behind at our house bought it and did not know how to use it. He moved out of the house many years ago and did not want to take it a long with him. Upon a bit reading of its history, this camera was introduced to the market in 1987, and was discontinued in 1989, that was one year before I came to America. It’s a piece of antique 😀

I will test it out one of these days when I can get myself to the camera store for a few rolls of films. It would be interesting going back to film photography after many years getting used to the digital counterparts.


11 thoughts on “Day 8 — oldie but might be a goodie

      1. hồi đó học trung học tui là photo editor cho cuốn yearbook á, nên tui bắt đầu là toàn chụp máy phim, xong tự rữa luôn vì trong trường có phòng tối.

        Giờ chụp lại chắc là mù rồi, phim chắc ra đen thui lui.

      2. Chèng ui, thì ra có người học chụp hình từ hồi học trung học lận nhen!

        Mà mình chụp máy digital quen rồi, hông biết qua máy manual phim thì ra sao heng? Tui chưa thử lại nên hổng biết lun. Chờ xem hình từ ẻm này nhen nàng!

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