Day 9 — they had a blast at the splash pad

Lately PP often uses the phrase, “this is the life” to sum up wonderful moments that he enjoys. Today is one of those days when he uses this phrase more than once.

What made life as the “it” for today was that I took them to a neighboring town’s splash pad. The temperature was up to the 90s, the heat was sweltering, and nothing sounded better than spending the hours running around water. I made seaweed rice rolls, chips, steamed sweet potatoes, grapes and lemonade for our lunch. We paid $1 per person for admission, and spent three hours at the park. They did not want to leave!

One thing I love about the kids here was that they lined up waiting to take their turn with the water-gun. PP said he loved that water-gun machine so much that he spend “many minutes” waiting.

Little Peanut liked to flirt with the older girls there. He kept walking around and waving at new friends, introducing himself as well, “Hi, me Khalam!”

Taking a lemonade-break in between water runs.

It looks like we are coming back here again tomorrow.

This is the life, indeed!


11 thoughts on “Day 9 — they had a blast at the splash pad

  1. Mùa hè nắng, nóng mà được vọc nước kiểu này là quá đã luôn. Tụi nhỏ bên này cũng mới đi biển FL mấy ngày để vui chơi cùng đám em họ về nè. Dzui quá dzui, hổng đứa nào chịu về hết trọi á.

    PP nói đúng lun rùi. This is the life! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Laura, for the 3-day Quote Challenge. What an awesome way to think and reflect about our lives through the wisdom of wise-men and wise-women.

      I will start next week!

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