Day 12 — a morning to myself

I woke up too early this morning but could not go back to sleep so I put on my walking shoes and clothes for a walk. Mr. O had a flex day from work and was okay to watch the boys for me, and I promised him to stop by Panera to pick up bagels for breakfast.

That’s how my morning started, which lend itself to having a wonderful and refreshing day. I even squeezed in a few hours of nap, and was off of kitchen-duty as well. Hooray for not smelling like the kitchen!

I put on a playlist of Vietnamese songs, mostly olden ones that more to my liking. With that, I walked for two miles, and made a few stops here and there to snap photos with my iPhone, many of them were of water reflection and blooming flowers.

For the first time in a very long time I was able to meditate and really clear my mind. Then I did a routine of Sun Salutation yoga to finish the walk.

(Ok, this photo was just an illustration, but prior to it I was meditating for 15 minutes.)

And then in the evening while window browsing at the Mall, I met June Cleaver!!!


5 thoughts on “Day 12 — a morning to myself

    1. lâu lâu đầu óc thoải mái mới làm được. Mà tui chỉ thiền vào buổi sáng thôi, chứ buổi tối là không thể nào.

      1. chời, cứ làm như ….hổng còn “chẻ” dzậy á. Em iu mà than hổng “chẻ” là tui sẽ bị lụ khụ ngay cho xem 😉 🙂

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