Day 13 — never ever kiss a girl

Both of my boys have a sneezing-marathon and running-nose spree today. We went through a box of Kleenex just to keep their germs contained. 

This morning I asked the boys if they kissed the same girl at the park yesterday, hence the tandem of having cold virus. Peanut did not know much so he just said no to my question but PP reacted rather funny and was indicative of a five-year-old character. He said that kissing a girl is just gross and vowed that he will never ever kiss a girl in his life. 

Oh for sure I had to write this down so 10 years later when he gets the first rejection from a girl he likes, maybe this little back story of his five-year-old history will help ease that ego bruise. Just in case!

Photos of the day: Little Teapot

Mr. O is enamored by his little princess, Teapot. Somehow she liked to be held by him but rejected me.  He played with her and she just felt asleep on his lap. 

I think we might have to proceed with our “baby #3” plan soon. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Day 13 — never ever kiss a girl

    1. con bé Teapot nó sổ sữa lắm em, tay chân gì đâu mà ngấn ngấn không hà. Chơi với nó một buổi là chịu hết nổi luôn.

      1. Em cũng thích em bé tay chân ngấn ngấn vậy á, nựng mới đã mà hai đứa con em thì roi roi chứ không có sổ sữa. I was not meant to have chubby babies lol

  1. Nhìn ba O nựng Peapot mà thương chưa nè! Rồi đó, tiếp tục chuẩn bị làm tới luôn #3 đi em iu ơi! 😉

    PS: PP trả lời sao mà y chang anh chàng Cún nhà này vầy nè 😉

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