Day 18 — noon-time concert

There was a free concert for kids at our favorite park so I took them out to get some fun. PP was not into it, we called him the Party-Pooper, because he wanted something more exciting. He also said that those were silly songs only for baby, and he is a grown boy, hence the showcase of no interest in being there.

Only Peanut knew how to party it up, he was doing all kind of moves to the music.

I love when Peanut came to sit next to his older brother. They both shared a bag of gold-fish crackers.

As soon as Peanut saw the dog, he walked up and asked to pet it, even though he is still a bit afraid of dogs.

The Party-Pooper’s face. URGHHH!

Look at PP trying to fake a smile for the photo.

Then later in the day I took them to a splash pad for two hours, which exhausted them and bedtime was a breeze; they fell asleep right away!

The fruit of labor, literally!

This is my first time growing strawberry, and the first one is ripening on the vine. The boys are excited to have their first taste of home-grown strawberries. If this is a success, we will expand our crop next year; from pot to real garden bed.


One thought on “Day 18 — noon-time concert

  1. Mùa này trên nàng còn dám ra ngoài trời thưởng thức concert ngay buổi trưa dzậy chớ gặp tụi nhỏ ở đây là hết dám, tại dưới này nóng hầm hập rồi nè.

    Nhìn 3 chị em ngồi bên nhau cưng quá đê!

    Có dâu tươi ăn rồi há. Đã quá ta. Dzậy là năm tới phải lo trồng nhiều nhiều đó nhen! 😉

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