Day 19 — I give you colors

Mr. O is coming home later today, and I am in full force putting things away around the house. The kids are nagging me to take them outside, either to our backyard or the park, but I have not given them their wishes. Sorry kids, Mama got lot of things to do!

In light of a sunny late-spring day, I give you the colors that surround me. My life as a stay-at-home mom is reduced to a small parameter of physical landscape, and there are only a few certain things that I can capture.

They might be repetitive, and they actually are, but until I have the time and money to take on grandeur adventures around the world, please enjoy these colors that enliven my dull life. 😀

Have a colorful Friday!


9 thoughts on “Day 19 — I give you colors

  1. People spend all this money to go to far away places when there is so much to discover right around them. I really like green leaves with water droplets, but they’re all good.

    1. Thang you for the kind comment. I appreciate that.

      I have a big ambition for traveling the world and take photos of places that are off the beaten paths.

    1. Hoa hồng với hoa clemantis của bên anh chị hàng xóm mà hai bụi đó toàn trèo qua nhà em nở rộ luôn. Nhìn từ xa cứ tưởng là em trồng đó chớ.

    1. Thank you for the comment. Where i live we have only a short amount of time for warm weather so I took advantage of it to capture all these colors. I wish to have a macro lens since that would allow me to explore further of the smaller world of beauty we don’t get to see every day.

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