Day 22 — split by five

We finally picked the first vine-ripened strawberry. It’s too beautiful for me to cut it off the vine so I hesitated until O warned that if I don’t then our squirrel friends will take the honor.  There is a dozen of them lurking around in our backyard. 
One strawberry, cut into five pieces. The boys had the first taste and PP described it as the sweetest strawberry he has ever had. I should have brought more of them for planting. Perhaps I will put up a raised garden bed dedicated to just growing these beautiful strawberries. 

We have two more green ones on the vines. The boys check on them every morning. PP even sings to them because he wants the berries to grow quicker for his own consumption. 


One thought on “Day 22 — split by five

  1. hạnh phúc vậy đó. Có trái dâu mà chia nhau đủ đầy kiểu này là gia đình yên bình lắm nè. Luôn chia sẻ cùng nhau mọi thứ ha nàng! ❤

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